As Leasing Representative at Wilmorite, Mike is responsible for new tenant procurement, as well as lease renewals for existing tenants. This requires a heavy focus on tenant prospecting, deal negotiations and staying up-to-date on emerging concepts to bring to the market. 

Mike joined Wilmorite in October of 2021 after 19 years of retail entrepreneurship.  Mike began his career at Hallmark Cards where he worked in store management, business development and marketing. Mike was the Rochester, NY area developer and franchisee for Camille’s Sidewalk Café, a fast-casual restaurant chain.  Mike’s three Camille’s locations were in the top 10 in sales of over 100 locations and he was awarded Rookie of The Year by the franchisor.  Mike co-founded Premier Laser Spa which grew to 23 locations in 13 states.  Premier Laser Spa sold to LightRx Face & Body. Mike joined LightRx as the Executive VP of Business Development and led site selection and construction for more than 25 new locations. Mike is currently the co-founder of Sweet Pea which offers chef-prepared, home-delivered, plant-based meals and health coaching.