Building and Managing the Future

Leasing Opportunities

Wilmorite has long standing relationships with national tenants and department stores, some as far back as 40 years. This working relationship with a wide range of the industry’s best retailers and restaurants is the platform for continued growth and success.


A Unique Shopping Experience

Von Maur has created an upscale and comfortable shopping environment with the use of seating areas, working fireplaces, and antiques. During peak operating hours, a pianist plays background music on a grand piano located in the center of the store. The decor features gold trim railings, extravagant floral arrangements, replica antique signage, and spacious restrooms with separate lounge areas. Von Maur does not disappoint – they are known for their exceptional customer service, amenities, and high-end brands.

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Our Experience

The Wilmorite Team is comprised of people who share the Wilmot family’s core values and work ethic. When Wilmorite bids on a project, the entire company gets behind it. The employees of Wilmorite have vast experience, expertise in their field, connections to key partners across the country, and dedication to their clients and communities where they do business. Although Wilmorite is a family-owned company, it is by no means a small business. Wilmorite has built more than 30M square feet of commercial real estate and developed individual projects some in excess of $500M.

The Wilmorite Legacy

Wilmorite has a long history of successful joint ventures and takes pride in decades of repeat business and strong relationships. It is a company that is continually looking for new and innovative ways to approach projects. This is apparent in the diverse range of projects including: state-of-the-art shopping centers, academic facilities, standard dormitories, apartment-style student housing suites, mixed-use complexes, large first-class hotels, casinos, resorts, and extensive renovations.