Wilmorite Construction has a solid reputation in the communities where it does business, especially with the local municipal governments and agencies. Our team brings extensive experience and knowledge from diverse backgrounds, which translates into flexibility and specific customization for Wilmorite’s clients.


Wilmorite’s history as a developer spans more than half a century and includes many diverse projects. Wilmorite development is where all projects originate; it is the starting point that establishes the groundwork for a project’s success.

Our development experience expands beyond retail and student housing to hospitality, casino resort, office space, golf course communities, lakeside residential communities, urban redevelopments and historic renovations.

Wilmorite’s development team has accomplished all this through extensive due diligence, market research, financial analysis and long standing relationships with capital markets. By utilizing in-house resources for research, finance, construction, legal services and more, Wilmorite is able to determine critical decision-making factors early in the development process.

Pre-construction & Approach

The Wilmorite Construction team understands that a successful project is one that all stakeholders can be proud of. The end product must uphold the high standards of all parties and stakeholders and includes: design, finance, operation, construction, local municipalities, and most importantly, the client. It is important to Wilmorite that all projects are structured around the entire partnership; our team will organize and hold meetings with all interested parties to assure full transparency and full buy-in from all partners and team members.

Negotiations – Our team has successfully been a partner in a variety of different deal structures. All negotiations are fully transparent. All costs, fees and profits used for the financial models would be reviewed and agreed to by all parties.

Design and Sustainability

For the past 70 years, Wilmorite Construction has successfully partnered on projects with companies that share many of the same business practices and philosophies. One of those shared philosophies is our strong commitment to sustainable design and construction.

Our team is well versed in the LEED certification process. We have completed numerous LEED certified projects, and have developed and implemented a specific management process to ensure successful delivery of LEED projects.

Wilmorite Construction is proud to have partnered some of the top architectural and design firms in the country. Our partners span across the United States and have allowed us to deliver world-class, one-of-a-kind designs.

Our partners share our commitment to using green architecture to design buildings and spaces that help to improve the heath, productivity, and overall well-being of the occupants. In addition, LEED-accredited Architects can be utilized to implement sustainable design practices into their projects to ensure the needs of future generations and our natural resources.

Construction Management

Wilmorite Construction has established a reputation as one of the premier builders in the Northeast region of the United States. The company’s capabilities expand beyond just construction management to designing and building. Wilmorite’s versatility has allowed the company to perform all of these functions while simultaneously executing its own projects.

These diverse capabilities transfer to the client and provide the ability to customize projects by selecting the services that best fit the client’s individual needs. The invitation to complete second, third, and fourth phases of projects is evidence of Wilmorite’s commitment to client satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

Our approach to construction management has one main focus: the relationship! We take the time to understand each project’s unique features and challenges and determine how to maximize economies for all stakeholders’ needs. Our people are empowered to “do the right thing” every day. Our experience in all construction phases, from project planning through project close-out and beyond, ensures the project is managed safely and successfully.

Property/Asset Management

Our team has more than a 60-year history of property management, facility operations and apartment and retail leasing. We have the capability to manage the following services in-house: finances, accounting, operations, risk management, security, leasing, legal, development, construction, energy management, maintenance and tax services. We have successfully owned and operated over 22,500,000 SQFT of commercial, retail and residential property and over 5,000 apartments. Our team is trained and prepared to manage all operational aspects of the project with an emphasis on hiring local and subcontracting with  historically underutilized businesses (HUB) during design, construction and throughout operations.

Partnerships & Alliances

Funding Approach

Wilmorite has long-standing relationships with some of the top lenders and financial institutions in the country. We have the ability to originate and secure a project’s debt with institutions that have 50+ years of experience in real estate financing and services of loans for investors. Some of the top financial partners and institutions include Allen & Company, National Electric Benefit Fund, Ivanhoe, M&T Bank, Morgan Stanley, and Jeffries Group.

Minority Owned, Woman Owned (M/WBE) and Historically Underutilized Businesses Enterprises (HUB)

The Wilmorite Construction Team is highly committed to surpassing any minority participation goal set forth by state statutes. We have a proven track record of meeting or exceeding all minority and women owned business participation commitments.

Most recently, on a $455,000,000 public private partnership with the state of New York, we were the first company ever to exceed a 30% certified minority and woman owned business (M/WBE) participation commitment for construction. We have continued to exceed that commitment during operations.

Wilmorite partners with local organizations and sub-contractors who are also committed to providing opportunities for collaboration with minority-owned and historically underutilized businesses.