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Tenant Coordination


Karl W. Postler
Project Manager / Tenant Coordinator
Direct dial: 585-783-3205


The key to our approach is communications – between the professionals in the field and with you, our client.

At the outset of every assignment we form partnerships with both the property owner and with the team of architects and engineers. The mutual respect and shared decision-making encouraged by this kind of partnership has proven to be the best way of organizing the construction management process.

From pre-construction to project completion, you will be kept up-to-date, involved and fully informed on any and all details that you require. Our superb job cost tracking, combined with our open-book policy, means that every member of the team, especially the client, knows how every dollar is being spent. Whether you are an expert in construction or not, you can monitor the progress of the work every step of the way.

Once the job is underway, we focus fully on both quality and cost. We select the most appropriate sub-contractors and suppliers for your project after putting together meticulous bid packages. In addition to technical knowledge and expertise, the firms we select must meet our stringent requirements regarding quality and on-time performance.

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