The foundation of Wilmorite Marketing is research, including the collection and analysis of market trends, consumer buying habits, media usage, competition, demographics, economic data and the trade area. This research is gathered through various surveys and state-of-the-art market research software. The Marketing Department uses this information to make recommendations and support other divisions within Wilmorite, including leasing and development. This information is also evaluated and incorporated into strategic goals within the marketing plan at each property. This, along with tenant performance, serves as an outline for the on-site Marketing Director to effectively advertise and promote the property.

The marketing team is responsible for staying current with the latest trends. This is done through communication with tenants, the media, the community and the industry. This knowledge is then applied to corporate branding projects, and the creation of effective advertising, public relations and promotional events at each property.

The Marketing Directors are accountable for meeting the goals established in the marketing plan. Tracking progress, reporting results, and evaluating each advertising campaign, promotion, and special event are essential to measuring success.

Advertising opportunities for mall tenants include postings of coupons, sales, and events on the mall mobile apps, e-mail blasts and websites. The property facebook pages, Twitter accounts, text programs, and blogs also provide the malls with a well rounded advertising program.