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25 Schoen Place (proposed)

                          25 SCHOEN PLACE FAQ'S

A new concept for Schoen Place

Wilmorite has formulated a conceptual design for a potential destination 90-room boutique hotel-spa-restaurant in the Village of Pittsford’s Schoen Place. The plan includes mixed-use retail-office buildings, ample parking, large gardens and greenspace. The New England/farm style design stays true to the Pittsford Village historic integrity with the addition of modern functionality. Aesthetically, the stone and barn wood façade will complement existing buildings in the Village. The property is currently owned by the Roger Powers family and under contract with Wilmorite.    


Wilmorite is hoping that this project will be a positive addition to the already thriving Schoen Place, where Pittsford residents can work, eat and enjoy the amenities including fitness center membership that will be available at the spa. 


“As fourth generation owners of this unique property, we are excited over the prospect of working with the Wilmot family to develop this project. With their expertise and where-with-all, we are confident the end result will be outstanding and a great asset to our community,” From The Powers Family.

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