Wilmorite Construction and Development

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Construction Management
Design & Build

Wilmorite Construction has established a reputation as one of the premier builders in the Northeast region of the United States. The company's capabilities expand beyond just construction management to designing and building. Wilmorite's versatility has allowed the company to perform all of these functions while simultaneously executing its own projects. The invitation to complete second, third and fourth phases of projects is evidence of Wilmorite's commitment to client satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

A sample of specific Wilmorite Construction projects are featured, including college and university campus facilities, student housing, hotels, convention space, airport, parking facilities, and shopping centers. As one of the premier student housing and campus builders in Upstate New York, several college and university projects are featured in this section. Wilmorite has relationships with some of the most renowned college and universities in the region and has completed athletic and academic buildings, more than 2,000 student housing beds, and has 1,100 more in development or under construction.

Wilmorite Construction has a solid reputation in the communities where it does business, including with the local municipalities. The team brings extensive experience and knowledge from diverse backgrounds, which translates into flexibility and specific customization for Wilmorite's clients.