Wilmorite Management Group, LLC

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Wilmorite is a leading provider of property management services including leasing, marketing, security, facilities, and asset management. The company's process begins with the corporate Property Strategic Planning Committee and the development of property specific business plans.

Each property business plan is carried out by an experienced asset management team led by a Asset Manager and represented by members of leasing, financial and marketing specialists. Each team is committed to providing the best possible service to clients while considering each unique operational and financial aspect of the properties Wilmorite manages.

The Leasing Department continuously builds on the strong relationships developed over the years with merchants and Wilmorite's ability to create a dynamic environment for shoppers. Extensive market research is collected in order to build a specific merchandise plan for a given market. Each plan takes into consideration customers' trends, as well as the newest retail concepts and how to create the optimal tenant mix.

Wilmorite managed shopping centers draw upon the collective strengths of its internal and external resources to maximize the value of each property. The day-to-day operations couple extensive employee quality-assurance training with significant attention to the regard and safety of employees with all government regulatory agencies. The Security Team works closely with local, state and federal authorities to provide a highly professional image as well as serve tenants and customers alike. The Marketing Department analyzes market needs, implements effective advertising and promotional campaigns, resulting in property awareness and increased revenue.

A Wilmorite center is the retail hub in each of its communities. The Property Management Group understands the needs of the tenants and shoppers and sets as its mission to provide a safe, clean and comfortable shopping environment.

Wilmorite's experience extends beyond retail management to include office, residential, mixed-use, and hotel management. The company's business model still focuses on setting attainable goals and team-based accountability. It also allows for flexibility in order to best meet the property management needs of each client.